What comes to a customer’s mind when they encounter your brand?

sDo you need a new logo? We do that, and more. A brand is more than just a logo, catchy tagline, fonts, and a colour scheme. It’s the client’s perception of a business, based on the sum total of her/his experiences with it. The emotions associated with that perception are evoked when they encounter the visuals and other sensory assets that comprise a brand identity.

Our branding and logo design process help clients develop a brand name and visual identity that supports marketing efforts by clearly communicating their position to their target audience.

What’s in a name?


Naming & Positioning Strategy

While a rose by any other name may very well smell just as sweet, there’s a strong case to be made for getting your business name right, whether naming a new business or determining a new moniker for an existing enterprise.

There are standard characteristics that customers expect any business in your industry to possess, and your operations should reflect that. But there’s more to your company than being just another option in the marketplace, and that’s what we want to explore on the road to new name. To that end, we conduct thorough market research to establish a solid understanding of the range of brand identities and communication thereof.

Of course, a fair portion of our understanding is achieved by meeting with principal team members of our client’s organization. During these discussions, we gather additional insights and perspectives that will inform the rebranding process.

At the conclusion of this phase, we distill gathered information into several brand name concepts and present to our client for review and consideration. After the name concepts are presented, the client will ultimately confer with internal stakeholders to determine the option they feel will best help them achieve their business goals.

The next step is devising the visual brand identity.

More than just a logo, fonts, and colour scheme


Market Research

As with the Naming & Positioning Strategy process (if it was required), we invest further time reviewing and considering brand identities of other organizations in your industry, both within and outside of your competitive scope.

Based on this work and insights gleaned from our discovery session(s) with our client, we’ll consider how we can visually crystallize the brand – what it means, what it stands for, and how we can communicate that differently.

Logo Design

In this phase, the focus is on creating visuals that build on or reinforce the ideas and concepts gathered during the discovery sessions and market research. We go for volume of design ideas early in the process, so again, we can filter and funnel these down as we progress through the project.

In this initial round we create multiple logo concept design ideas. This preliminary round is the visual manifestation of our discovery and research results, and provides the client with three to four concepts to compare and contrast. The concepts are presented either in person or via Zoom in order so we can provide insights into design choices and allow participants the opportunity to ask questions as necessary. From there we refine the selected concept over the course of one or two rounds of editing.

Once finalized, the new logo will be delivered in various file types for web and print. We will also include a five- to eight-page brand guide for internal reference and for outside partners that access the new brand. This will include acceptable font variations, colour codes and font names.



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